Werner Hirsch in concert with Fred Bigot (aka electroniCat), Berlin


Saturday 29th November 2014, ausland, Berlin, Germany

Also featuring:
Ghazi Barakat
Werner Hirsch
Nicolas Moulin
Clementine Roy
Catriona Shaw

La Voix de la Route at Ausland is an event incorporating a live performance with Fred Bigot and Werner Hirsch and road-related projections & music by a selection of talented guests, celebrating the release of the 10″ vinyl on Les Disques En Rotin Reunis and No School Today.

In 2011, Fred Bigot took off on a two-month road trip across the USA funded by Institut Français’s research grant ‚Hors-les-murs‘ and Gaite Lyrique in Paris. This 10 “ vinyl release, published on French imprint ‚Les Disques on Rotin Reúnis‘, presents the fourth manifestation of the results of that journey, which formerly included a weekly, online sound report, an installation at Gaite Lyrique and a performance featuring Werner Hirsch. Bigot’s project presents his research into the use and form of ‚field recordings‘. Using sounds collected from his journey, he cuts and arranges these as rhythms and melodies, sometimes using instruments and voices as interpreters of these sounds, reenacting and reformulating, giving the field recordings a new basis, a new lease of life and new purpose with a prominent, anti-archival stance.

Fred Bigot was born in Laval, France in 1967 and has been an active member of the experimental and club music scene since 1995. His work includes an array of collaborations with artists, choreographers, performers and other musicians resulting in an impressive catalogue of releases on diverse international labels. His solo project ElectroniCat has gained him a formidable reputation as a producer and performer worldwide.

les disques en rotin reunis
no school today

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