Neo Hülcker

Neo Hülcker is a composer performer whose work focuses on music as anthropological research in everyday life environments. His compositions evolve as situations, performance-installations, actions and music theatre, and deal with digital subculture (like ASMR), childhood, human-animal-relations, queer practice and cultural hacking.

Neo Hülcker`s biggest passion is sailing. He loves the wind, the waves, the sea and the adventure. Going back to land has always been a sad thing.

His companion in life and work is his stuffed dog Archi who has performed in many of Neo`s pieces. Together with Henry Wilde and Neo Hülcker Archi had his first performance in „Musik für tote Tiere – music for dead animals“ in 2018.

Neo Hülcker created compositions, performances, music theatres and installations such as Ear Action (2016) with Stellan Veloce, crackles (2016) and good dog (2017) for MOCREP, Gib Pfötchen (2017) for Maulwerker and Da war ich noch nie in meinem ganzen Leben (2017), Musik für tote Tiere (since 2017) and tentaculus ohri (2018) with Henry Wilde aka Antonia Baehr,  Dress up – Selbstporträt mit Hund (2020) with Ulrike Ruf  and  Das Musikgeschäft (2021) with Bastian Zimmermann.

Hülcker  collaborated with Ensemble ascolta, mam. Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, Ensemble Garage, MOCREP, Bastard Assignments, Maulwerker, decoder ensemble, We Spoke, The Agency, paranormal φeer group, Henry Wilde aka Antonia Baehr,  Bastian Zimmermann, Armin Wieser, Tomomi Adachi, Stellan Veloce, Lucie Vitkova, Andy Ingamells, Elisabeth R. Hager, Matthias Kaul, Astrid Schmeling, Eva Zöllner, Bill Dietz, Jennifer Torrence and more.