Mirjam Junker

After studying the law books carefully, Mirjam Junker dropped them and arrived in Berlin in 1992, to the squats and idealism of the early days. When the summers spent building and constructing dreams with friends was over, she left for an adventure sailing the Atlantic seas as a deckhand, to Italy for olive tree climbing, through London for a season or two of queer squatting and on to Tel-Aviv and Akko for a bit of romance. When she returned to Berlin, she jumped centre-stage for a few dedicated years of avant-garde performance art with a group called Primärenergie while starting to work as a bouncer at some of the toughest clubs in town. In the meantime she completed three and a half years of boat-building studies and found a dream job in a wood workshop, sanding and whistling all day to the radio, spending weekends at the door, training Aikido seriously in between. Thirteen years married and a passionate football fan, she has become recently enamoured of Liverpool FC (a passion she shares with her brother-in-law).