TELEPATHIC TENTACLES TUTORIAL – Ural Biennale in Yekaterinburg

„Telepathic Tentacles Tutorial“, an audio-work for radio, for the radio of the Ural Biennale in Yekaterinburg (03.12.2021), 8 min. Audio, by Antonia Baehr.

The public program for the Ural Biennale in Yekaterinburg is taking place on the 3rd of December. The Biennale this year works a lot around the topic of touching, and a program on telepathy, titled The Telepathic School. It functions as sonic and discursive program, streamed via radio, and composed of three chapters, merging conversations, sonic performances, listening sessions, and exercises on the topic of telepathy, and around three main lines: How to communicate beyond language / Interspecies Telepathy / The Capitalisation of Telepathy.
The program runs from 5PM to 9PM Yekaterinburg time (1PM–5PM CET), and is streamed in the space of the Biennale (for people gathering to listen live), via radio in Yekaterinburg, and streamed online. Curated by: Daniel Blanga Gubbay

Listen here: Ural Biennale