Valérie Castan

Valérie Castan studied for two years as a dancer at the CNDC in Angers between 1986 and 1888. Her work as an artist performer is established through different live and physical performance experiences with various choreographers. In 2005 she performed the play „Un Après-Midi“ (An Afternoon), and Antonia’s Baehr play, in Paris. In 2006 she co-performed a duo called „Merci“ with a Berliner Artist. In 2008 she worked as a assistant choreographer and coach for the solo Laugh of Antonia Baehr. In 2012 she participated as an assistant dramaturgue in „My Dog is My Piano“ and continued in 2013 with a new solo of Antonia Baehr “ Abecedarium Bestiarium“. Since 2012 Valérie Castan also gives audio descriptions of choreographies for public with visual deficiencies.