LARRY PEACOCK is a feminist project with and about the performativity of electronic/pop music reflecting gender politics and the role of the audience. The project not only destabilizes the normativity of binary gender categories, but also art categories, such as ‘high and low art’, ‘dance’, ‘concert-performance’, and ‘choreographic work’.

Larry Peacock choreographic concert

With: Ulf Sievers (laptop, trumpet), Land (inside piano, keyboard) and Henri Fleur (vocals)

Performance, choreography, texts and composition:
Ulf Sievers, Land and Henri Fleur
Production: make up productions, Andrea Neumann, Ulrike Melzwig, Sabine Ercklentz and Antonia Baehr
Administration: Ulrike Melzwig, Alexandra Wellensiek
Sound design: Caroline Moos
Light design: Wassan Ali
Technical direction: Rima Ben Brahim
Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin

Duration: ca. 60 min.


I would like to say something as an homage
to all the women on stage, all these ladies.
It’s so nice to see a growing female presence
nowadays in music.

It’s so nice also because it’s not just singers,
they’re actually using electronics,
all these female musicians,
and they go for the experiment.
They really have a lot of energy, they really have speed,
and something to say and they’re not afraid
to say it out loud.
They don’t hide behind their computers but dare to be sexy.

stay – go – come – sit – sit down – hold it – hold it,
get it, get it, drop it – nose it – drop it – come!

I love all these chicks, they just rock the place
and they scream their guts out and they break
their voices and their instruments.
They’re not ashamed to show who they are:
wonderful, beautiful persons – and smart!
And even not afraid to show their bodies!

Let her have it.

Say: “No”, say: “No”
Then say: “Red, drop it!” and praise her when she does.

Say: “Red, come, bring it!”,
and praise her when she does.
Lightly slap Red’s nose, tell her she’s bad, she’s bad,
and remove the sock from her mouth.

Yes, let them have it…
Let them take over the electronic world…
Let the chicks take over the music biz,
with their physiques, their moves, their glamour,
their tits and their asses…

stay – go – come – sit – sit down – hold it –
hold it, get it, get it, drop it – nose it – drop it – come!


I like you but I cannot ride you,
why can’t you be only a little bit like a horse
or at least like a cow or better than nothing like a car?

Fly, flow, flee me!
Fly, flow, flee, fly flow flee me!

Where is the position I can sit on you, Polster,
where is your body, buddy?

Stick and stay without a key
Would you get into my knee,
Bring it down please to the ground
While it drives you to my mound

Wann werden wir den Fummel zusammen tragen?
Den Fellfummel mit 4 Ein – und 2 Ausgängen,
Der mit dem grossen Segelbein für 3 –
Wie werden wir hinein kommen, und wie hinaus?

I liked you but I couldn’t ride you

You couldn’t be like a horse, you couldn’t be like a cow

and you could not even be like a car.



Ich bin der Tonangeber

Ich bin der Klanghalter

Ich bin der Halter ohne Halfter

Ich bin der Lachsack

Ich bin der Fetischist mit Twist

Ich bin der Krampfsack

Ich bin der Lachhalter

Ich bin der Klangsack

Ich bin der Krampfhalter

Ich bin der Fetischist mit Twist

Ich bin die elektrische Blume


A is for Anus and Angel
B is for Beard
C is for Chap, Charm and Comrade
D is for Dentures, Dildo and Dike
E is for Exquisite
F is for Face flannel and Fabulous
G is for Gastronomy and Gambling
H is for Hallucinatory and Hunting
I is for Island
J is for Jacousy
K is for King and cravat-needle

This is my alphabet, my alphabet in pant suit
This is my alphabet, the Trouser Semaphore

L is for Leisure and Lesbian
M is for Mellowing with age and Mescaline
N is for No reason
O is for Oooh
P is for Pleasure and Pyjamas
Q is for Queer Quivering Quotidian
R is for Reckless
S is for Sublime… and Summer holiday…

Across the floor of a crowded cocktail gathering you too will be able to convey your innermost thoughts! Revolutionary sentiments and deepest needs to like minded individuals, Using nothing more than the flexibility of your physique andthe ruff pliability of your trouser cloth! Surely there is no sight more moving than a man and three square yards of carefully tailored cavalry twill, moving in perfect harmony!

T is for Toilet water and Tentative Tentacle

U is for Upper-lip shrubbery

V is for Vanity and Vulgaroisy

W is for Weeping and Wrestling

X is for X chromosome

Y is for Yacht and

Z is for Zoo

27th-28th May 2010

Teatro de La Laboral, Gijon (ES)

1st November 2009

Konzerthaus, Berlin (D)

2nd February 2008
Beursschouwburg, Brüssel (B)

19th May 2007
Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (CAN)

15th November 2006
Festival „Wie es ihr gefällt,“ Berlin (D)

13th-16th July 2006
Teatro Pradillo, Madrid (ES)

13th-14th April 2006
Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (F)

17th-19th November 2005 (Premiere)
Ausland, Berlin (D)