Ida Wilde

Ida is a writer, director and visual artist, with degrees in the Western tradition of Fine Arts, Philosophy and Literature. Her locus of geographical relation and cultural reference centers on the historical, political, aesthetic and botanic ties between Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. Writing and directing for Stage, Film, Dance and the Arts, aligning herself with certain outdated genres such as operetta, lyric poetry, passion plays, plein-air painting and pamphleteering. Her work is centered around storytelling as a form. Thematically she focuses on social behavior, radical communality and queer femme identity, which began with her daily practice of historical female drag, as Ida Wilde. During this time she invented Henry Wilde and the Wilde family, and wrote and illustrated the book; A Very Wilde Story; The True Story of the Marriage of Ida and Henry Wilde. She co-created the performance of the book;The Wildes, A Victorian Salon, in collaboration with Henry Wilde. 

Ida has long been experimenting with collective and sustainable forms of working structures in the arts. Recently she has turned to plants for healing and comfort. 

Ida is deeply engaged in independent study of medicinal plants and the history of healing arts in the Eurasian and Mediterranean Basin. She loves to knit, read, garden, save seeds, dry her own herbs and speak often to friends and family, yet sadly she also knows very little about many other things.

A Very Wilde Story; The True Story of the Marriage of Ida and Henry Wilde

The Wildes, A Victorian Salon