„You see what you think they are hearing.“ (H.W.)

The choreographic project Un après-midi happens in the space between score and interpretation. (In every presentation four new unrehearsed drag kings interpret a score which they hear for the first time during the performance.) The score is based upon a game of interrelated (mis-)interpretations, translations, and authorships: The composition written by Henry Wilt is founded on an earlier version by Antonia Baehr and William Wheeler. It is based on a musical score on paper on the one hand (John Cage „Solo for Voice Nr.3“) and a musical recording on the other hand (Replays of Claude Debussy’s „Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune“). The texts encompass furthermore two photo-lovestories from teenage zines and a purely physical method to show feelings. Through this, Henri Wilt watches the construction of the love-couple under a feminist/queer light, and the performativity of female masculinity.

„The landscape has its formation and as after all a play has to have formation and be in relation one thing to the other thing and as the story is not the thing as any one is always telling something then the landscape not moving but being always in relation, the trees to the hills to the fields the trees to each other any piece of it to any sky and then any detail to any other detail. (…) Anyway the play as I see it is exciting and it moves but it also stays and that is (…) that might be what a play should do.“ – Gertrude Stein in „Plays“

Un après-midi

Composition: Henry Wilt
With: for four interpreters (see the names below)
Dialogue: Werner Hirsch (from the film „Kings & Disasters“)

Soundscape: Antonia Baehr
Sound collaboration: Paul Paulun

Additional music: Jamie Lidell „Taught to box“
Presented by: Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch
Management: Ulrike Melzwig

after Claude Debussy “Prélude à l´après-midi d´un faune“, John Cage “Solo for Voice 3“, Jamie Lidell “Taught to box“, Stefan Pente “4 Farben“, the LISSY Nr.8/01, foto story – “Auf den Hund gekommen“, the BRAVO Nr.8/02 “Foto-Love Story Extra“

#1 Interpreters on the 17.04.03, Ausland Berlin
Marc Ates, Conrad Noack, Bruno Pocheron

#2 Interpreters on the 31.05.03, Ausland Berlin
Sophia New, Uli Ertl, Nanna Lüth, Waltraut Maria Weiland

#3 Interpreters on the 18.06.03, Podewil Berlin
Derek aka E. Cattell, Steffi Weismann, Hr. Bert aka Fr. Honeit, Barbara Loreck

#4 Interpreters on the 19.06.03, Podewil Berlin
Christian Kesten, Mister Nancy, Geerd, Dragan Asler (replaced by Bonnie Guitar)

#5 Interpreters on the 28.02.04, HAU Theatre, Berlin
Mirjam Junker, Claude Chiffre a.k.a. Xavier Le Roy, Lucas Mekas a.k.a. Eszter Salamon, Evi Wiemer

#6 Interpreters on the 06.05.04, Westend Festival, Leipzig
Ed Chiefchicken, Nina Hoferichter, Ant Olowaili, Denise Van de Beek

#7 Interpreters on the 25.08.04, Summer Academy, Mousonturm Frankfurt/M.
Antonio Bustamante, Rainer Klausen, Jean Philippe, Klaus-Dieter Speck

#8 Interpreters on the 02.12.04, Festival „Lignes de Corps“, Valenciennes/France
Finn Random, Leo Rapallo Tolkachov, Nathan Kilman, Shannon Shy

#9 Interpreters on the 10.12.04, „Hors Séries #25“, CCN Montpellier/France
Martin Bohne, Jules De l’Aspic, Djamel Dupont, Emile Nolant

#10 Interpreters on the 11.04.05, „100 Dessus Dessous“, La Villette, Paris
Klaus Engel, Eliot Brown, Olivier Deronzier, Nico Bernardi

#11 Interpreters on the 12.04.05, „100 Dessus Dessous“, La Villette, Paris
Bob Affleck, Lolo Semper, Lulu Rivière, Brett Lachambre


Interpreters on the , „Technologies of Gender“, MACBA Barcelona

Gandul Colonia, Gino Lascardo, Al Mandone, Dieter Page


Interpreters on the 17.05.06, „EXECUTE“, Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Grenoble


Interpreters on the 18.03.08, „Still Moving“, Tanzquartier Wien

David Gurrola, Josh Macgyver, John Player, Marco Sonnleitner


Interpreters on the 18.03.08, „Playground“, Radialsystem Berlin

Manolo Caracas, Lukas Minkus, Ramon Pozo, Jackson Slang


Interpreters on the 28.02.09, Festival „Something Raw“ Amsterdam

Ernesto Postich, Emilio de Boer, Felix Brown, Brian Lapeire


Interpreters on the 22.03.13 , make up – At Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch’s Table, Brussel

Johan Vandenburgh, Christopher Mörgenson, Jimmy Joe Deacon, Zac Steinburg


We are looking for four interpreters for the project
„Un après-midi # 8“ (Valenciennes Version)
that will take place on the 2nd of December, 2004 during the Festival „Lignes de Corps – Femmes Choréographes“ in Valenciennes, L’Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini.

The score of „Un après-midi # 8“ is by Henry Wilt. The performance is presented by Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch.

Who can do it:
Women or persons who have lived as women for some time in their lives.

– You should have the desire to dress up and pass as a man. You can be an experienced Drag King, or one to be born. Drag King Werner Hirsch (alias Antonia Baehr) will be delighted to give you birthhelp.

– You should have the desire to get told during 30 minutes of your life what to do, since the piece is not rehearsed but the interpreters hear the instructions over headphones. The instructions are in English, but you don’t need to speak perfect English.

If you are interested in doing it, Henry Wilt will send you mail containing further details and answers to your questions (an answer to an often asked question: you don’t need to be a dancer or athletic to do it – but it’s not forbidden either -, you won’t have to take your clothes off, and there is no sex on stage).

Time commitment:
about 2 hours to discuss outfit and learn how to use your MD player during the performance (30.11.), about half an hour to make a final decision about outfit together with the other performers (01.12.), you decide when to arrive for the performance (02.12.), you will probably need some time for make-up

100 €

Clothing is not provided. Please come with your own male (drag) clothes.
The proposition for this version is to be our male colleagues in their daily clothes. If you don’t own male clothes, you could borrow them from your male friends.

with best wishes,

Antonia Baehr & Ulrike Melzwig
(for Henry Wilt)

contact: antoniabaehr@arcor.de

„Un après-midi“ program for „make up – At Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch’s Table“, in Beursschouwburg.

Program of „Un après-midi‘ for the evening of the 22.03.13 for the „make up – At Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch’s Table“, in Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Antonia Baehrs on Scores, A conversation with Myriam Van Imschoot and Ludovic Burel

This page is part of the publication „What’s the Score Publication“. It was edited by Tom Engels, Myriam Van Imschoot on the Website Oralssite.

The occasion for this nearly one hour talk with Antonia Baehr was the publication What’s the score, a special issue in the French philosophical, political and artistic journal Multitudes (Nr. 21, Spring 2005) that dealt with scores and notation systems. The curators Myriam Van Imschoot and Ludovic Burel had contacted Baehr as one of the prolific artists who pushed the use of scores to an extreme consequence. The purpose of the interview was to select scores from Un après-midi for publication and to obtain a greater insight in the artistic intentions, working methods and philosophies behind them. Un après-midi (2003) is perhaps one of Baehr’s most rigorously scored pieces, the result of a cascade collaboration between Antonia Baehr, William Wheeler and Henry Wilt. It was performed every time by a new cast of four drag kings who received instructions only in the moment of performance. 

See the article online here : Antonia Baehr on Scores

Un après-midi, Valérie Castan


Text by the French dancer and choreographer Valérie Castan about the performance „Un après-midi“. Written after the presentations at the festival „100 Dessus Dessous“ in Paris in April 2005.

Here you can find the text in a pdf version :

Valérie Castan – Un après-midi

„Solo for reading bodies“ featured by Petra Sabisch.

Essay reflecting on Antonia Baehr’s and Henry Wilt’s performance „Un après-midi.“ It was first published in Frakcija, Performing Arts Magazine, Vol. 36, Summer 2005, pp. 126 -137.

Here you can find the texte in a pdf version :

Petra Sabisch – Solo for reading bodies.pdf