Gesture after gesture Kings & Disasters imitates a mexican melodrama purchased for one dollar in Los Angeles. But in contrast to the original, the film is cast with drag kings and places the characters in a relation of equivalent levels of elegance, social class and masculinity. The story line constantly adjusts to the conditions of production, or is even sometimes abandoned altogether.

Kings & Disasters

With: Buddy Schnitzel, Sylvester Alone, Toni Transit, Lo di Macho, Johnny Kingsize, Océan, Fronck de Sáster, Tino della bella Italia, Blanco Müll, Santos Maria, Jack New, Das Bestrasierte Mädchen, Werner Hirsch

Voices: Roger Fortea, Lola Pilol, Déborah Crock
Recorded by: Bozeti La Tente
Music by: Sylvester Alone & His Orchestra

At the trumpet: Sylvester Alone & Jack New
Additional music by: Priscilla Schroth
Camera: Ludwig Liebich
Editing: Werner Hirsch & Ludwig Liebich
Directing & Concept: Werner Hirsch
Production: Hirsch & Liebich
Filmed at: Schloss Bröllin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

With very special thanks to: Minze, Señor Gregorio, Mimi Monstroe, Ginga Off, Tasche, Isabell Spengler, Theresa Super Wrestler-Lady, Bonnie Guitar, Chap Maximilian von Kortsammt, Fernwärme Berlin, Schloss Bröllin and “Pasión Oculta“

Premiere: 2004, Germany

Duration: 26min. 07 s., DV, colour