WALK+TALK #4, Berlin

The “Walk+Talk” format, Philipp’s Gehmacher concept as curator of “Still Moving” (Tanzquartier Wien), will seek to interconnect movement and language. The focus of the attempt is to verbalize movement and the thoughts that occur in the moment actions takes place. “Walk” marks the time that passes and is required for a movement to extend into space. “Talk” stands for complexity of one’s own truth that gains or loses meaning when expressed. Antonia Baehr pursues the basic assumption of “Walk+Talk” and investigates the ‘fiction of daily life and the fiction of theater’.

concept/dance: Antonia Baehr
production: Tanzquartier Wien

Swapping Scores for Laughter

(The authors of the scores for Antonia Baehr’s laughter are invited to swap their compositions.)
Scores by: William Wheeler, Isabell Spengler and Andrea Neumann
Interpretation by: William Wheeler and Isabell Spengler
Invitation: Antonia Baehr

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