TONTÄNZE performances by Antonia Baehr & Jule Flierl and discussion with Isabell Spengler, Antonia Baehr, Jule Flierl, Margarita Tsoumou.

The term „Tontänze“ comes from Valeska Gert. “Tontanz“ describes the movement of voice in the body and thus departs from the cliché of the silent dancer. Jule Flierl and Antonia Baehr take up this conceptual term, which opens up new forms of relationship between body, dance and voice in this selection.
Jule Flierl and Antonia Baehr got to know each other through the transmission of a score. When Antonia Baehr sent Jule Flierl the score to Antonia Baehr’s piece MY DOG IS MY PIANO, the two began a reflection and practice in the interstice between written instructions and artistic processes.

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