The Wildes

Ida & Henry Wilde

The Wildes invite you into their Victorian salon. As our guests you will partake in an exhibition and a book, performed texts and animated images, light refreshments and even lighter entertainment, many hats and scarves, as well as the history of the unconsumed marriage of Ida and Henry Wilde. The two of us would like to share some of our private lives, to host this salon which lends a new visibility to our everyday performance.

Since several years, Ida Wilde has been drawing the real life of Mr. and Mrs. Wilde in Victorian-style illustrations which will be presented at the salon. New illustrations are shown as an exhibition, narrated and sung by Henry Wilde in a performance and lecture-storytelling for the guests.

The hosts mingle with the audience, there is tea and cake, the mood and costumes are ceremonial, the conversation courtly, the program challenging ones notions of identity, gender, marriage, and community.

Please dare to come dressed in your finery!

We look forward to welcoming you to our salon.

Ida & Henry Wilde


„Eine wirklich Wilde Geschichte; Die wahre Geschichte der Ehe von Ida

und Henry Wilde.“, by Ida Wilde, pencil on paper, 30 x 20 cm, 2004

Text, book and exhibition: Ida Wilde

Reading, music and slides: Henry Wilde

In collaboration with: Gili Ben-Zvi, Carola Caggiano, Barbara Greiner, Mirjam Junker, Conrad Noack, Itamar Lerner, Gisa Schraml, Yael Stein, Minze Tummescheit, Alexandra Wellensiek, William Wheeler

Thank you to:

Lindy Annis, Angela Anderson, Guillaume Cailleau, Noam Gorbat, Arne Hector, Sukandar Kartadinata, Asi Föcker, Isabell Spengler, Andrea Thal, Claire Schmartz, Les Complices und ausland

Supported by: Berliner Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten

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