Theatres are closed, because sharing air for leisure has become a safety issue to the public. Some workers are nevertheless expected to remain in one room where the same air is circulating between different respiratory systems. The Corona Virus has unveiled the Classism around air purism and air pollution.

Did you know that for years there are companies, that sell jars filled with mountain air to inhabitants of polluted cities?

„The future of breathing 1 + 2“ is a dialogue between Jule Flierl and Werner Hirsch.

They currently imagine how to separate and ration air, in a future where air as a ressource is fully commodified.

They will have a premiere in December 2020 in Berlin with a piece that will either be called: „The hearing trombone“ or „The nose flute“ or „The ass fiddle“.

„The future of breathing 2“ text, camera, Drag King: Werner Hirsch aka. Antonia Baehr

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