TENTACULUS OHRI (Wilde & Hülcker), Toronto


Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr) & Neo Hülcker (aka Prof Puppy)

Tentaculus Ohri

– a collection for unplugged listening / Eine Sammlung zum Hören ohne Steckdose

Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr) and Neo Hülcker (aka Prof Puppy) present an evening of two-on-one performance in the FAG garden @ 25 Seaforth Avenue Toronto.You will wear a hearing apparatus that Hülcker and Wilde built for focussed listening to nature and animal sounds from their archive. It will be very silent and you will learn how to listen like a blättrige Langschwanzanglerin. People will watch you and you will be a little owl.

Performances are for one person at a time and a small watching audience. This event is supported by and co-presented with FADO Performance Art Centre. 

Composer, Performer: Henry Wilde & Neo Hülcke

Helping ears: Mia Sellmann, Hannah Levin

Thank you to: Monique Wittig, Vilém Flusser & Louis Bec
Duration: 10 min per person


Photo: Marc Seestaedt

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