TENTACULUS OHRI (Wilde & Hülcker), Berlin


Tentaculus Ohri

by and with Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr) & Neo Hülcker (aka Prof Puppy)

– a collection for unplugged listening

two-on-one performance

‚Tentaculus Ohri‘ is a concert for one listener and two performers. Henry Wilde and Neo Hülcker will present their collection of animals from „other nature“ to you. You will wear a hearing apparatus that Hülcker and Wilde built for focussed listening to nature and animal sounds from their archive. It will be very silent and you will learn how to listen like a blättrige Langschwanzanglerin. People will watch you and you will be a little owl. It is all unplugged and bricolage: an assemblage out of cardboard, hand-held miniature speakers and cheap objects, played by Wilde and Hülcker’s two sounding mouths and four performing hands.

‚Tentaculus Ohri‘ will be performed in the framewort of a special edition of Montag Modus events called KLIMATA, curated by Lena Szirmay Kalos and Jasna Layes Vinovrski.

Taking the term “climate” in its broadest sense as the project’s point of departure, Klimata consists of five subsequent events that explore current global economic, political and social developments. Each event has a different focus within the broader theme of the climate. As defined by Bruno Latour, climate is understood here as “a wide range of relationships between humans and their material living conditions”.



for more information, see Klimata 2019

Photo: Marc Seestaedt

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