TENTACULUS OHRI (Wilde & Hülcker), Berlin


Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr) & Neo Hülcker (aka 1000 Tingles)

Tentaculus Ohri

– a collection for unplugged listening / Eine Sammlung zum Hören ohne Steckdose

two-on-one performance, 31 May 2018, 5pm – 9pm, Kunstraumkreuzberg/Bethanien

Composer, Performer: Henry Wilde & Neo Hülcker
Helping ears: Mia Sellmann, Hannah Levin

Thank you to: Monique Wittig, Vilém Flusser & Louis Bec
Duration: 10 min per person

‚Tentaculus Ohri‘ is a piece for one listener and two performers. We will present our collection of animals from other nature to you. You will wear a hearing apparatus that we built for focussed listening to nature and animal sounds from our archive. It will be very silent and you will learn how to listen like a blättrige Langschwanzanglerin. People will watch you and you will be a little owl.

About the event:

Capitalo, Chthulu, and a Much Hotter Compost Pile is an exhibition curated by Lorena Juan, Lena Johanna Reisner und Anïis Senli bringing together artistic positions that deal with alternative ontological politics, enviromental issues and speculative narratives about the precarity of our time. It brings together real-life (and non-living) stories from different perspectives to make palpable how humans belong to, and participate, co-produce, weave and composite within their networks of life.

Exhibition Dates: 14. April bis 10. Juni 2018 (closed on 01.05.2018)

Opening: Friday, 13. April 2018, 7pm

Participating artists: Ana Alenso, Madison Bycroft, Liza Dieckwisch, Jelena Fuzinato, Geovanna Gonzalez, Ben Greber und Bram Kuypers, Tue Greenfort, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Femke Herregraven, Marta Leite, Regina de Miguel, Zoe Claire Miller, Nucbeade, Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, Anaïs Senli, Michael E. Smith

Accompanying program: Shelley Etkin, Sonia Fernández-Pan, Herbert Lohner, Reading Club „Between Us and Nature“, Henry Wilde und Neo Hülcker.

Funded by the Senat Department for Culture and Europe (Ausstellungsfonds für Kommunale Galerien, Fonds für Ausstellungsvergütungen) and funded by Projectfunds district office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. WIth the friendly support of the spanish embassy.

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