„Telepathic Tentacles Tutorial“ with a contribution by Antonia Baehr

„Telepathic School“ will be held in the lecture hall in the former cinema „Salute“.It is formed by theoretical reports, poetic readings, sound performances and telepathic exercises. The program lasts for three hours, consists of ten thought-provoking sessions that run on three interferring channels: How to maintain communication in a nutritious language; Interview „telepathy“; Capitalization of „telepaty“.The school invites students to reflect together on the history and relevance of „telepathy“, while maintaining physical and critical distance. It will cover topics from paramagy to feminist views on the language, from intervisory communication to the ongoing re-apropration of „telepathic“ experiences with supervisory capitalism.The Telepathic School merges theoretical contributions, poetry, sonic performances and exercises of telepathy: three hours, organised in 10 transmissions of thoughts, and 3 interfering channels –How to Communicate when Language is Poisoned; Interspecies Telepathy; The Capitalisation of Telepathy. It invites the listeners to reflect together from a distance, by travelling in the history of telepathy and its relevance today: from para-magic to feminist perspectives on language, from interspecies communication, to the ongoing re-appropriation of telepathic experiments by surveillance capitalism.

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