OPEN DAY #2 „Social Choreography and Social Drama“

on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 I 4 – 11 pm I Tanzfabrik Berlin/Wedding, Uferstudios HZT Uferstudios, Studio 1

With: Antonia Baehr, Bojana Cvejic (TkH), Ole Frahm (Ligna), Isabell Lorey, Torsten Michaelsen (Ligna), Marta Popivoda (TkH), Nicolas Siepen (b_books), Ana Vujanovic (TkH) and Siegmar Zacharias

In the frame of TkH [Walking Theory] residency „How To Do Things By Theory“ at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers in Paris (2010-2012), the theoretical-artistic platform from Belgrade started a research about „Performance and the Public“. Ana Vujanovic, Bojana Cvejic and Marta Popivoda examine state performances as well as performances of the public and its citizens informed by two different contexts, socialist Yugoslavia and contemporary Western neoliberal capitalism. For their OPEN DAY they featuring heterogeneous artifacts: movements, images, laws, habits, writings in various formats, e.g. „sharp thoughts“ or „running commentaries“ debate that include a few artists and scholars as guests and collaborators in this research phase.

16.00-19.45 ‚Social Choreography and Social Drama‘, introductory lecture by Ana Vujanovic and Bojana Cvejic, ‚Yugoslavia: How Ideas Moved Our Collective Body‘ by Marta Popivoda (selection from video archives, screening with discussion), ‚Sharp Thoughts‘ with Antonia Baehr and Siegmar Zacharias

19.45-20.30 dinner break

20.30-23.00 ‚The Occupy: Non-representationist, Presentist Democracy‘, lecture by Isabell Lorey, public interview with Ligna collective, ‚Running Commentary‘ by Nicolas Siepen on ‚Shifting/Sitting‘ by Aernout Mik.

Free Admisssion

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