Valérie Castan

Valérie Castan was born in the south of France, named as a boy before birth. Spent one night as Olivier, then became Valérie. Grew up in the Western suburb of Paris in the sleeping workers city. Wanted to dance as a very small child. Started and stopped very quickly the ballet classes of a very strict Russian professor. Trained her body to practice sports everyday, and finally quit gymnastic tournaments because of competition and the fear of falling and death. After that, she started dancing again and danced all day with other dancers and choreographers and did many things with dance. Mostly in France. Spent more nights as Olivier as a king performer. Beautiful muscles gone with menopause. The eyes and ears learned to describe live dance shows for blind people, only in French. English, she speaks badly! Never tried to speak German! Working in Berlin for many years but still doesn’t know the city. Her favourite bars in the city are Möbel Olfe on Tuesdays, Südblock and the Commune which friends have introduced her to. She smokes English cigarettes, reads and watches movies and spends time in the countryside with her wife and son. These things are the best part. Has been devoted to Antonia’s work these last 12 years.