MY DOG IS MY PIANO, a sonic lecture-performance, Montpellier

One of them is quick, the other slow, one gulps down his food, the other one savours it, one of them is at the beginning of his life, the other one started her last quarter, one knows her ancestors of at least six generations, the other one is unaware until his grandparents, and both have metal ends in their bodies.
Tocki and Bettina von Arnim live together in the same house. They do not speak the same language, they are hardly alike and yet, they have assembled.
In „My Dog is My Piano“, Antonia Baehr sketches a subjective acoustic portrait of the affinity between her mother and her dog: can the house they share be read as the music score of the stories of canine-human living together? What kind of language emerges from this long duet of everyday comings and goings, of these choreographies of affinities?

Concept, development, performance: Antonia Baehr

Dramaturgical support: Valérie Castan

Sound: Fred Bigot, Angela Anderson

Light design: Sylvie Garot, Georgia Ben-Brahim

Sound mastering: Angela Anderson

Administration: Alexandra Wellensiek

Production: make up productions,

Supported by : FAR° festival des arts vivants (Nyon)

Thank you: Bettina von Arnim, Tocki von Arnim, Donna J. Haraway, François Noudelmann, Avital Ronell, Gertrude Stein, Villa Gillet/ Walls and Bridges NYC. Infinite Affinities – Chords and Discords

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