MUSIK FÜR TOTE TIERE 2a, lecture-concert, Berlin


In this lecture-concert for LABOR SONOR, Wilde/Hülcker play an ASMR concert. It is part of their ongoing collaboration Music for Dead Animals, an improvisation series for video in which the genderqueer duo Wilde/Hülcker performs sounds into the ears of dead animals. Research about the specific acoustical life of each animal/posthumous listener informs the choice of instrumentation.

The young composer performer Neo Hülcker (aka ASMR artist Thousand Tingles) and the middle-aged performer Henry Wilde (aka choreographer Antonia Baehr) have been working together extensively since 2016. They work in a variety of visual and acoustical formats including the fields of ASMR (autonoumous sensory meridian response) and ecosex.


KuLe, Auguststraße 10, 10117 Berlin
Bar opens at 8pm, first concert starts at 9pm

Full program:

Annette Krebs “Konstruktion #2: Tro”
for objects, voices, live-electronics and loudspeakers

Emilio Gordoa “Canciones Huicholas”
small songs for prepared snare drum and tapes

Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr) & Neo Hülcker (aka Thousand Tingles)
“Musik für tote Tiere #2a”

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