MUSIC FOR DEAD ANIMALS 1a, short film, New York


In this two-on-one performance for video Wilde/Hülcker play an ASMR concert for a dead owl. This is the first of an improvisation series for video in which the genderqueer duo Wilde/Hülcker performs sounds into the ears of dead animals. Research about the specific acoustical life of each animal/posthumous listener informs the choice of instrumentation.

The young composer performer Neo Hülcker (aka ASMR artist Thousand Tingles) and the middle-aged performer Henry Wilde (aka choreographer Antonia Baehr) have been working together extensively since 2016. They work in a variety of visual and acoustical formats including the fields of ASMR (autonoumous sensory meridian response) and ecosex.

Production Format: HD Video

Length: 7’48“

Video Aspect Ratio: 16×9

Video Sound: Stereo

Sound On Channel: 1 & 2

Color: Color

mas de Rau, 2017

Premiere: 29th March 2018, MIX Queer Experimental Film Festival, NYC

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© Henry Wilde

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