“In her performance For Faces, Antonia Baehr designs micro-choreographies for four faces. We sit directly across from the performers, around whom we are positioned circularly—too near for the comfort zone of the parquet and too far apart to precisely identify the mimetic agitations in the face of our vis-à-vis. The physiognomy becomes a stage where spectatorship itself, in all its intimacy and movement, openness and force, shows its face as theatrical action par excellance. Through choreography, the faces’ movements are deprived of their decodability as coherent facial expressions; they set a zoom of attention in motion. This zoom causes performer as well as person to disappear before our eyes, just as it radically places the performer at seeing’s disposal.” – Constanze Schellow

„The landscape has its formation and as after all a play has to have formation and be in relation one thing to the other thing and as the story is not the thing as any one is always telling something then the landscape not moving but being always in relation, the trees to the hills to the fields the trees to each other any piece of it to any sky and then any detail to any other detail. (…) Anyway the play as I see it is exciting and it moves but it also stays and that is (…) that might be what a play should do.“ – Gertrude Stein in „Plays“

Concept & Choreography: Antonia Baehr
Interpretation & Choreography: Sabine Ercklentz, Andrea Neumann, Arantxa Martinez, William Wheeler
Dramaturgy: Lindy Annis
Lights & Technical Direction: Sylvie Garot

Sound Technician: Raphael Vincent
Stage & Costumes : Katja Wetzel
Organisation: Alexandra Wellensiek
Internship Dramaturgy: Tom Engels
Internship: Lou Cantor
Supported by: WEB 1.5 (Vooruit (Ghent) – Frascati (Amsterdam) – Buda (Kortrijk) – HAU (Berlin) – fabrik (Potsdam), Thanks to: WPZimmer (Antwerp), Funded by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, make up productions

Thanks to: Marita Amorgianou, Pauline Boudry, Susana Bloch, Valérie Castan, Jefta van Dinther, Anne-Lise Gabold, Sabine Macher, die Maulwerker, Ulrike Melzwig, Paul Zollmann

Premiere: 19./20.11.2010
Duration: 60min

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