A Space to Look Through

A lecture-performance by Antonia Baehr and Jule Flierl

Jule Flierl and Antonia Baehr met through the transmission of a score. When Antonia Baehr taught Jule Flierl the score for Antonia Baehr’s personal piece „My Dog is My Piano,“ the two sparked a reflection and practice in the gap between written instructions and artistic processes. In their new lecture performance „A Space to Look Through,“ the two develop further those questions of score and performance that they encountered in their recent collaboration for film, „Die Hörposaune.“

Jule Flierl works in conversation with historical, fictional and contemporary voices such as Valeska Gert and Katalin Ladik. Scores are the membranes through which Flierl makes contact with her artistic elective affinity. She asks into the paper and translates the responses she receives.

Antonia Baehr has been working with scores for many years. They are a special way for her to connect and create collaborations. They are also a way of reading the world. But how readable is the world? And how does one read in an unreadable world? Scores, for Baehr, are carriers of desire and are emotively charged. They are birthday gifts, portraits of friendships, portraits in animal metaphors, double portraits. They have an addressee. What happens when the addressee changes, or slips into other bodies? For the online component of the „Dynamic Archive,“ Baehr, in collaboration with Jule Flierl et al., wants to create some scores of selected works for which this question could be relevant. The dynamics of authorship and the different perspectives of the notating, archiving persons shall get their voices.

The online performance will take place on 4.2.2021 at 19h on a zoom link.

Please request the access for the online lecture performance at: online@schwankhalle.de

An email without text is sufficient – you will receive an automatic reply.

During the online lecture-performance, please have some paper and colored pens ready. The audience will need to use their camera (and mic at times) on zoom.

The lecture-performance will be in Global English and German.

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