ALREADY MADE, Premiere, with Werner Hirsch

Already Made by Gaëtan Bulourde
16th of June 2010, Festival Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille, France (PREMIERE)

Already made is a clear reference to Marcel Duchamp’s ‚ready made‘, a paradigma that puts objects in an opposing situation where one object is valuable while the other is not. Objects without any value exist only by their usefulness. It is therefore not the creator of the object that owns it but the user.
In Already made the objects used will be existing performances, installations, literary quotes and happenings. All those will be the foundation for an original score for three performers.

with: Gaëtan Bulourde, Werner Hirsch, Valérie Castan – music: Fred Bigot -lights: Sylvie Garrot – production: wpZimmer – co-production: VilLa Lobos asbl, network Open Latitudes (Latitudes Contemporaines (Lille), Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels), la Maison Folie (Mons), l’Arsenic (Lausanne), Body Mind (Varsovie)), WEB 2.6 (wpZimmer (Antwerpen), Uzès Danse, Vooruit (Gent), Buda (Kortrijk), fabrik Potsdam, Frascati (Amsterdam). Thanks to HAU (Berlijn).) – with support of: the Ministery of the French Community Wallonië-Brussels – Service de la Danse

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